Mention Ikoyi to anyone and you will be seen as a Lagos big boy. Ikoyi is known as one of the luxury locations in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ikoyi, located in Lagos Island at the edge of Lagoon and in the Northeast of Obalende.

 Ikoyi was originally designed as a residential area for the expatriate community.

Some cooperate organization have set up their offices there also.

Popular places in Ikoyi include Banana island, Parkview estate, Dolphin estate and so on.

If you want to be considered as a Lagos big boy, or you like to enjoy the finer things of life, then you should consider getting a property in Ikoyi.

Here are five other reasons you should own a property in Ikoyi

Upper Status: Owning a property in Ikoyi, Lagos is a matter of prestige. If you’ve worked for your money, why not show off by owning a property in one of the most high-class class locations in Lagos. If you ever wondered why people will proudly tell you “I live in Ikoyi” now you know it’s the prestige that comes with it

Safety: Adequate security is one of the major concerns of the majority of Lagos residents, everyone wants to live in a secured location. Most of the communities in Ikoyi has a gated entrance and also have a dedicated on-site guard to ensure that not just anybody can come into the community. People can relax, walk and jog anytime. So if you consider safety for yourself and your family is your best shot.

VIP Neighbourhood: Who doesn’t want to live around people like Mo Abudu, Mike Adenuga all have properties on some of the streets in Ikoyi. Top politicians, Businessmen, Musicians all live and have properties in Ikoyi.

Other reasons include Nice Ocean View and Quick Return on investment.

Properties in Ikoyi are not as expensive as compared to all benefits you will get from living in such a high-class environment.

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