Renting an apartment in Lagos is a whole lot of work that comes with its own stress.

If care is not taken, you might even be scammed of your hard-earned money

There are certain signs to look out for in order to avoid losing your money to real estate scammers, you can check out those signs

When looking for an apartment in Lagos, you’ll meet house agents that will be ready to take you everywhere
only to show you an apartment that does not meet your specifications, choice, and taste.

Searching for a good and comfortable apartment in a conducive environment can be time-consuming.

While searching for an apartment in Lagos, most people are always desperate to get it done without taking their time to inspect the house they are paying for.

Moving into the apartment, you might find out that you need to do a lot of work, either some plumbing or electrical fixing.
It can be very frustrating and painful after going through so much stress and paying a lot of money only to end up getting an apartment that requires a lot of fixing.

This should not happen to you.
When renting an apartment, don’t get too desperate and quick to make decisions.

Again, if you aren’t sure about the best time to go look for an apartment in Lagos, then you should find these tips should be helpful.

1. Weekend

When it comes to looking for an apartment in Lagos, to Avoid making hasty decisions about the apartment you want to rent,
it is better to go house hunting on weekends, especially on a Saturday.
This gives you time to inspect any apartment the agent might take you to.

You need to thoroughly check the apartment facilities from Kitchen to toilets and electricals.
Check if there’s anything that needs fixing in the house and speak to the agent or the Landlord about it.

If the process takes you the whole day, it is better than making hasty decisions that you might later regret.

2. When you have the funds to rent an apartment

If your funds are not readily available, don’t bother to look for an apartment, because no landlord
or agent will allow you to move in when your rent is incomplete.

Apart from the rent, you must also prepare for other charges like agreement and commission fee,
which is about 50% of the house rent itself depending on the area of the rented apartment.
There’s also what is called a damage or caution fee which is said to be refundable after you decide to move out of the apartment

3. Raining Season

This might sound counterproductive but trust me it’s worth it.
I have seen so many people who rent an apartment during the dry season without knowing the true situation of the house and the environment where they rent. During the dry season, especially in Lagos,
you can’t tell the true nature of the environment because everywhere is dry and the load looks fine, but with a little downpour,
you might require a canoe to enter your house.

Never expect the landlord or estate agent to tell you the true state of the house
the area where you want to rent the apartment, you have to do your findings yourself,
the landlord and agents are just after the money and not really your comfort.

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