Tank Farms for Sale or Lease in Apapa, Lagos


Capacity: 30,000 Mts
Product : PMS AGO DPK
Location : Apapa, Lagos
Lease Options: Available
Sales price : N12B asking
Lease price per year : N756M asking



There Are 3 TANKS Of 10,000 METRIC TONS Each.
The Sum Total Is 30,000 METRIC TONS For The 3 TANKS

The Depot is equipped with ultra modern loading equipment which is state of the art for world class service delivery.

The pipe line design is of high engineering specification that streamline operations which has automatically eliminated down time in operations.

Our Finger Jetty has two dolphins with two fenders platform, a true draft of 7.8 m and a water front of 60 meters.
Which can accommodate 15 ,000- 20,000 DWT vessels without any hitch.‎

Our Quality control laboratory equipment are also the latest version / Edition in the market and the industry , they leverage on testing for three product within 45 minutes , that is distillation, for the three products, density and flash points for AGO and DPK.

We have positive displacement pumps which are Bolton make ; that are Centrifugal in nature, they displace and discharge product to the loading meters at the rate of 2,400 cumecs per minute; and also a custody transfer  pump of 50 harz   that is meant  for tank to tank product transfer with a head of 600,000 liters per hour, it can also aid the vessel  discharge pump in the case of vessel pump failing during product discharge to shore tanks.

Our cargo lines and master ports are independently designed to contain dedicated products; this was tailored to avoid and eliminate contamination.

Our Tanks are fixed roof without any form of settlements and with a capacity of 10 million liters each, with an  automated tank gauge equipment for measuring product levels from each tank which is system friendly,  safety breathing valve  device, a form  and water  line that will envelop and blanket any form of fire on the tank.

We have a fire water tank  of capacity 2 million which is meant to store water that can be used to fight any form of fire in the depot with a hydraulic lines in form of a ring main that is spotted with twin discharge at each point which  is driven by two  mechanical pumps and Electrical Jockey pump.

We have a modern electrical panel room that controls all the equipment in the Depot which is friendly to operate  and have zero maintenances status right from design.
8. We have 33 KVA transformer which is position to power all the equipments, with 3 nos Generating set of capacity 500 KVA as a standby for 24 hours loading.

Our loading meters known as micro load is the newest technology in the industry and our depot is first to installed it in the whole of Lagos, made by an American company brodie , with zero maintenance and control features, because the meter generate loading receipt indicating quantity loading per truck and it loads a 33,000 liters truck within 11 minutes minimum and 7 minutes maximum.

The depot is situated strategically with good  road access amongst all the depots within kirikiri.