Real estate is no doubt one of the best investments any individual can make.

Being one of the oldest and popular asset class, new real estate investors don’t know how many real estate properties investment exist.

Each of these real estate properties investment has its unique benefits and risks, so it is better to make make your research before investing in any type of real estate property.

If you are planning to acquire, develop, own or flip a real estate property, it is better to understand and divide the real estate into any of these categories.

  • Residential Properties

 Residential properties include houses, apartments buildings, vacation houses and so on. Residential properties are where an individual or family pays to live. Duration of stay is based on rental or lease agreement.

In Nigeria, most of the residential rents are on a twelve(12) to twenty-four (24) Months basis.

  • Commercial Properties.

 Commercial properties are mostly office buildings and skyscrapers. Commercial real estate properties usually involve multi-year rentals. This can lead to longer cash flow stability.

One thing to note is that rental is not stable, the rate could increase substantially over a short period. However, it may not be possible to raise the rate if the property is locked into an older agreement.

  • Industrial Properties

 This consist of everything industrial, from industrial warehouse, factory building, storage units, car wash and any other real estate properties that generate sales from who uses the facility.

  • Retail Properties

Retail properties include shops, malls, retail storefronts and so on. In this case, property owners also receive a percentage of sales generated b the tenant store in addition to the base rents.

  • Mixed-Use Properties

A mixed-use property combines every one of the above categories into a single unit.

Getting the right property investment is always a pain in the butt.

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